guide to flowers St Andrews

St Andrews Flowers have created this page so you can ensure that when your flowers are delivered to you from St Andrews Flowers that you give them the best possible care so you can enjoy them for as long as possible. Flowers from St Andrews Flowers are freshly imported from Holland and we only use the highest standard of flowers for all of our customers, your flower swill be in great condition when they arrive and to maintain their quality you should follow this guide from St Andrews Florists to make sure your flowers last and last!

The first thing to consider is that your flowers will need fresh water, Remove any wrapping from your flowers as well as any excess foliage, foliage in the water of your flowers can cause a bacteria which can be harmful to the flowers. If your flowers are not already in a container from St Andrews flowers you should find a clean vase or container and fill it half way with lukewarm water. Next you should trim your stems on a diagonal cut so your flowers can absorb as much  water as possible through their stems, you should cut of a couple of centimetres every 2 days and ensure your water is fresh so your flowers last as long as possible with St Andrews flowers

. Now that your flowers are in clean, fresh water with cut stems you should consider where you will put them, flowers should not be kept in too hot a temperature or too warm either, as the temperature can have an adverse effect on the flowers. Avoid placing your flowers in directly sunlight, near to any heat sources,  or close to any ripening fruit as any of these conditions will cause your flowers to perish prematurely meaning  you won’t get the most enjoyment out of your flowers as you could.

If you have any questions regarding the care of your flowers please call or email us and our florists can help you with anything you need, each flower is different and may need different care from other flowers, for example gerberas are far more susceptible to bacterial infection in the water than most other flowers, this should be taken into consideration and water should be regularly changed.  Our florists have lots of handy and helpful tips.

St Andrews Flowers always want to help our customers get the most from their flowers and these tips are the best way to ensure your flowers are looked after the best you can. In the past you may have been advised by florists to “smash stems” this is damaging the water vessels of the flowers and stops the flowers from absorbing  all of the water they can.